From Skåne

Our shop is designed so that you can take over and experiment your ideas in a safe environment. Many small businesses make the mistake of spending a large amount of money and resources on their first pop-up, which can lead to learning lessons the hard way and putting their company in financial trouble. From Skåne provides an affordable and advantageous shop space for budding makers and designers based in the Skåne region to try their shop on a small scale, while still focusing on selling and developing their brand. Think of us as a test lab that generates actual sales and customers.

We’re located inside the Mitt Möllan shopping center, in the Möllan neighborhood of Malmö. Just 10 minutes by bike from the Central station and a 5 minute walk from the Triangeln metro station. Our neighbors and community are diverse, curious, and always looking for new people and products to talk about.

The shop space we rent is flexible and transformable to fit any mood you’d like to set. We have furniture and shelving units available if you need, or you can bring everything yourself and build a truly unique and representative shop for your product(s) and brand. Thinking of having a kick-off party? No problem, we have a PA system and extra tables & chairs to create a welcoming and fun environment for friends, family, and potential customers.