Malmö Clothing Co.

Caring about your city can be cool, right?

That’s the philosophy we try to live by. If you’re from here or have ever been here, you just sense the vibe. Walking, biking or riding through the streets, you feel the vibe that is uniquely Malmö. We’re a diverse and young city. We’re an international city. We’re the link to mainland Europe. We’re musicians, designers, entrepreneurs, workers, educators, and everything in between. We make stuff, we grow stuff, we do stuff. We’re… Malmö. Our designs are for all the Malmö people out there.

You’re not done with that are you?

As a fashion brand, naturally our goal is to create designs you want to wear. But we don’t want it to stop there. We want you to rewear and rewear. And when you’re done rewearing, we want you to give your garments to someone else who can wear and rewear. Because the fashion industry has a serious one-and-done problem, and we want to do our small part to fix that.

Life’s better with friends

We work with our friends and support what they make, because after all, that’s what what good friends are supposed to do. From designers, photographers and illustrators, we’ve found that by working with each other, we strengthen our industry, become better creators and just have more fun. All of our designs have had no less than two sets of eyes on them, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Do you want to be our friend? If so, shoot us a message.