Elee Loop Musikprojekt på Claesgatan ENGLISH

Elee Loop is a freelance musician from Finland, now based in Malmö. She creates music and performs as a one woman band using software and a launch pad in combination with acoustic instruments. One focus is the every day sounds and how sound can come together and make great music.

Elee Loop is working on a open songs collective music project where she collects stories from people and sounds of the surroundings using the soundscape of the city to create her music.

With a sound booth called SONG-O-MATIC the artist collects thought, secrets and memories from passers by on Claesgatan. All recordings are anonymous. Then Elee Loop will use the recorded material and the sounds of the city to create songs. The project that is based on Claesgatan at Möllevången in Malmö. The recordings starts this weekend on Sunday when Claesgatan is Pride Street.

The whole project leads to a concert at Mitt Möllan, as a part of the official program for Galleriveckan på Mitt Möllan 2020 at 20:00 September 26th.

The project is in collaboration with Mitt Möllan and supported by Malmö Stad More about the artist