English – What is Mitt Möllan?

A place to experience the vibrant diversity and culture of Malmö

Mitt Möllan – Shop with personality. Our house, an  in a lively meeting place in the heart of Möllevången, full of creative shops and businesses with a clear focus on pre-loved, local production and remakes. This is off the the high street in more ways than one. Here you can shop local design and alternative fashion, accessories and interior design, often directly from the person who created it. You can even see our faces above the entrance when you enter. People come here when they are  looking for something a little more sustainable, genuine and with a little more personality really. 

There are more than shops here. In the heart of the shopping mall is our food court where good food and a friendly atmosphere make it a really popular lunch spot for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and just plain omnivores.

The house is also home to studios where designers, musicians and makers of all kinds work within their craft.  Every year we arrange popular markets ourselves, but also welcome guest performances from artists, film crews and fashion designers to create exciting meetings in timeless spaces together. Keep an eye on our Instagram for the latest news. 

Some of the businesses in the house are Beyond Retro Outlet, Typotopia Letterpress Printing House, Medusa Vegan Tattoo, Pill & Punch Jewelry and Interior Design and South Soles Sneakers. Have a look around online and then hope you like the place as much as we do <3 

We can’t wait to see you, here in our house on Claesgatan 8, five minute walk from Malmö Triangeln Train Station.