A place to experience the vibrant diversity and culture of Malmö

Mitt Möllan is a transforming place. It was once a small shopping mall called Galleria Leonard, a dated and dark shopping mall from the 1960’s with few tenants. Now transformed into a bustling hub and meeting place for the city’s creatives. Mitt Möllan is inspired by the real people and culture of Malmö, which is curious, vibrant and diverse.
The building is packed with a unique combination of adventurous young tenants and established businesses rooted in old world craftsmanship, all working together to make Mitt Möllan a house of local handcrafted food, art, culture, design and fashion. Young entrepreneurs and seasoned venterans originating from many parts of the world, always representing Möllevången and Malmö.
Mitt Mat 
Check in at Mitt Möllan’s renowned food court for the best spread of lunch options in Malmö. Here you find Malmö’s finest sandwiches, pizzas, home made ice cream and more.
At Mitt Möllan you find unique pieces, handmade by the creator themselves or vintage gems, worn with love from decades past. If you want to amp up your wardrobe, Mitt Möllan is the place to go. 
If you’re looking for fresh ink, need to hem that new vintage beauty or to re-heel your cherry red stillettos, Mitt Möllan is the place to go. 
At Mitt Möllan you also find Mitt Studio, a separate space with freelance offices and studios. Film makers, glassblowers, communication professionals and musicians share ideas and create the future of Malmö’s creative class.
There are events and markets happening at Mitt Möllan all the time, follow us on Facebook so that you are sure not to miss out.